About Us

A warm welcome to all !

We invite you to come celebrate with us! Your presence with us as members of extended families, or with relatives or friends, adds an important dimension to our faith-sharing community. If you care to identify yourselves before or after Mass you will be greeted warmly with no shortage of offers to show you around.

Holy Family Parish was created July 9, 2006, by Bishop Ronald Fabbro, embracing the former clustered parishes of St. Joseph’s and St. Pius X. We now are the spiritual home for more than 3,100 families and individuals, making us one of the largest in the London Diocese. More than 600 of our parishioners are active in various ministries.

Holy Family Parish offers an abundance of opportunities for anyone seeking to enrich their life’s journey with acts of service to others, in a welcoming community whose mission begins with the statement:

“Come as you are, and you will be loved.

Responding to the call of Jesus, we will transform the world.”