Our Staff


Rev. Robert Remark, Pastor

On Staff Team Since: I have served as pastor of Holy Family Parish since January of 2014, my second and blessed opportunity to do so, the first time being from 1997 to 2007.

What do you like best about HFP? I love the very good people of Holy Family Parish. They are truly ‘Salt and Light.’

Clifton Strength Finder Top 5: Connectedness, Learner, Intellection, Belief, Acheiver

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Pastor
  • Senior Leadership Team

To ask a question or to setup a time with Father Bob, please send all inquires to hfparish@dol.ca

20171102-IMG_8504Heather Cushing, Pastoral Minister

On Staff Team Since: August 2011

What do you like best about HFP? I love the people at HFP and sharing with them our journey of faith.

Clifton Strength Finder Top 5: Connectedness, Adaptability, Positivity, Achiever, Learner

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Bereavement Minister
  • Seniors Ministry
  • Alpha
  • Eucharistic Ministry to the Home Bound and Nursing Homes
  • Senior Leadership Team

Contact Number / Email: 519-472-0057 ext. 260 / hcushing@dol.ca

20171102-IMG_8509Jozef Maka, Business Manager

On Staff Team Since: August 2017

What do you like best about HFP? The drive to address the declining numbers in the Catholic church.

Clifton Strength Finder Top 5: Deliberative, Relator, Command, Learner, Belief

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Parish Finances
  • Property Management
  • Parish Human Resources
  • Volunteers
  • Senior Leadership Team

Contact Number / Email: 519-472-0057 ext. 224 / jmaka@dol.ca

Sheila O’Brien, Administrative Support

On Staff Team Since: I’ve been a staff member for 20 years, beginning in February 1998 when it was St. Pius X.

What do you like best about HFP? I have been a parishioner since 1984, raised my family in the parish, and now my grandchildren are members.  HFP is like my second home!

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Support for Baptisms, Confirmation, First Reconciliation, First Communion, RCIA, Crossfire, Symbolon and all youth programs.
  • New registrations and maintaining the parish database
  • Coordination of Sunday Offertory Envelopes

Contact Number / Email: 519-472-0057 ext. 222 / sobrien@dol.ca

Kelly Wilson, Administrative Support

On Staff Team Since: January 2010

What do you like best about HFP? I have always felt welcomed here for who I am, and so try to present myself the same way, living out the portion of the Parish Mission statement, “Come as you are and you will be loved”.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Secretary/Receptionist supporting our Pastoral Team and our parishioners
  • Bulletins/Newsletters
  • Support for Marriages and Funerals
  • Mass Requests

Contact Number / Email: 519-472-0057 ext. 201 / kwilson@dol.ca

Steve Baldinelli, Property Custodian

On Staff Team Since: May 2002

What do you like best about HFP? HFP is a helping and caring community

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Maintain property cleanliness
  • Maintain property equipment
  • Coordinate sub contractors for the building
  • Support construction projects as required

Contact Number / Email: 519-472-0057 ext. 261 / sbaldinelli@dol.ca

Anne Sanderson, Book Keeper

On Staff Team Since: April 2003

What do you like best about HFP? The people are like family for me.  I have many close friends in the parish.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Parish accounting
  • Payables / Receivables
  • Tax receipts

Contact Number / Email: 519-472-0057 ext. 229 / asanderson@dol.ca

Pete Doiron, Pastoral Worker

On Staff Team Since: September 2017

What do you like best about HFP? Holy Family is like home for me. I have been in the Parish since 1980 and was confirmed, married and had three daughters baptized here at HFP.  I’m continually impressed at the vibrant and active participation by the parishioners in so many wonderful and caring ministries found here at Holy Family.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Pastoral liaison for Holy Family and our 5 Local Catholic Schools
  • Support and guide young parishioners in sacramental preparation for first reconciliation, first communion and Confirmation
  • Coordinate parent information session, school Masses, Retreats, and special events for our young parishioners

Contact Number / Email: 519-472-0057 ext.258 / pdoiron@dol.ca