Altar Servers

Altar servers help the priest and the people assembled at Mass praise God as fully and joyfully as possible.

You assist your priest in a very special way during our liturgical celebrations. Your actions help to highlight the ceremony and rituals that are so much a part of the Mass that we celebrate. You show to those who come to church the importance and reverence you give for the vessels that are used in the Mass. As our altar servers you lead the procession of the Mass by carrying the cross and candles, hold the prayer book for the priest, and help to prepare the altar for communion. In a very special way you as altar server help to ensure that the Mass unfolds with grace and dignity.

Any youth, grade 4 and older are welcome to join us!

You commitment for Altar serving would be once a month at the mass you and your family normally attend.

Your service is important. We want to make sure that everyone knows how to serve correctly.

Please let us know if you would like to altar serve!
Please contact Lisa Wright for more on Altar Serving. 519-472-0057, x222 or [email protected]

Please complete the attached registration and drop off to Lisa at the Parish office. Registration Form