Holy Family will now be accepting donations via GivePoint! GivePoint provides the parish with the ability to accept donations at our physical kiosks present in the church, as well as giving everyone the ability to easily donate through!

Here are some exciting features:

    1. Easily donate to various campaigns via the physical kiosks present in the church. Credit/debit card is accepted and you save time by using tap!
    1. Donate via your preferred credit card allows you now to accumulate points!
    1. Once you have donated at the kiosk, you can log into the GivePoint website to register.
  1. Once you have added Holy Family Parish as your charity, you can setup reoccurring payments through the website! No more need for envelopes!

The intent of GivePoint is to give you the flexibility to donate in a way that’s easier for you. As people carry less and less cash, and use cheques rarely, providing electronic means of giving ensures you can donate to the things you care about, easily!

We do ask that if you wish to switch from your current pre-authorized debit or envelopes donations to GivePoint that you consider increasing your donation by 2.7% + $0.25, as this is the cost per transaction! This will help us to cover the additional costs of offering this service!

Try out the units at the parish or simply register on GivePoint to get setup today!


Please contact:

Tim Firth, Business Manager

Phone/email: 519-472-0057 ext 224 /