Praise and Worship Leader

5:00pm Saturday Mass

The Praise & Worship Leader (PWL) for the Saturday 5:00pm mass provides musical leadership for the congregation in worship, orienting parishioners to the heart of Jesus. The PWL will choose music that is joyful, inviting, contemplative, and prayerful. It is strongly encouraged that selections from CCLI Top 100® be used as a reference and guide for leading the congregation in worship from a current repertoire. Hymns and more traditional pieces are to be used where the liturgy requires it and at the Pastor’s and Senior Leadership Team’s (SLT) discretion. All music selections will be made with/through the discernment of the PWL, Pastor and SLT collectively. The PWL will be aware of and program for the liturgical seasons within the church calendar. The PWL is also strongly encouraged to lead the congregation in prayerful reflection prior to the Mass and as the Spirit prompts during communion.


1. Provides musical leadership to the Saturday 5:00pm mass through their own instrumental and vocal musicianship. May also have volunteer musicians to support the repertoire. Will also be called upon to provide same for Christmas, the Easter Triduum, and may be called upon for special Masses and penitential services.

2. Rehearses the musicians prior to all masses.

3. Assists in the planning of liturgies with the Pastor and the SLT.

4. If volunteer support musicians are needed, those musicians must be auditioned by the parish. (PWL & SLT will work together to audition)

5. Keen understanding of and engagement with the role of Divine Renovation within Holy Family Parish. Must further the mission by training and preparing another person to grow as a leader within the ministry.


The PWL is accountable to the Pastor. The Pastor and the SLT complete an annual performance appraisal of the PWL.

The PWL is an employee of the Diocese of London and adheres to the relevant Diocesan policies and procedures.


·The PWL will have the ability to maintain a high standard of musicianship.

· Demonstrates an excellent knowledge and understanding of Catholic liturgy.

· Ability to collaborate with and coach other musicians as required.


The salary is in accordance with the parish’s salary range for musicians and will be paid on a bi-weekly basis. Statutory deductions as per Revenue Canada guidelines are made as required.


The PWL is entitled to three (3) weeks of vacation after one full year of employment. The Parish is responsible for paying for the services of a substitute PWL while the PWL is on vacation


If ill health prevents the PWL from fulfilling their obligations, he/she is responsible for finding and paying for a suitable replacement.

Leave of Absence

Should the PWL require a leave of absence for health or personal reasons, the request is to be submitted in writing to the Mission Support Team lead. If the request is granted, the PWL is responsible for finding a suitable replacement.

Professional Development

Professional development is the responsibility of the PWL unless instigated by the Parish.

How To Apply

Contact Tim Firth at

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