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Bishops of Canada release video version of statement (see more below)

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News and Updates

LIVING IN A DIGITAL WORLD – Financially Supporting an Expanded Audio-Visual Booth
November 12, 2021

We live in a digital world, and what a wonderfully engaging world it is! The pandemic has provided us with many opportunities to expand our digital outreach at Holy Family, and we have adapted our method for mission to match the demands of the digital age.

When COVID-19 first shut us down in March 2020, we ran out and bought a video camera to live-stream our Masses. We then taught ourselves how to launch a YouTube channel and the ins and outs of keeping it running. We subsequently invested more than $65,000 in state-of-the-art live-streaming equipment and technology, and that has had a tremendously positive impact on our ability to reach our community. We were blessed with almost 100% financial support from our parishioners for this! Thank you!

The time has come when we need more space to be able to offer the best content available to our congregation both physically in the church as well as online.

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Statement of Apology by the Catholic Bishops of Canada to the Indigenous Peoples of This Land
Indigenous Peoples and the Church: Walking Together Toward Healing and Reconciliation
Journey through Advent 2021
November 21, 2021 – Feast of Christ the King

Each week, beginning on Sunday, 21 November 2021, the Solemnity of Christ the King, the CCCB will release a video recording of a Bishop in Canada reflecting on the Gospel Reading for each Sunday of Advent. This year’s reflections were developed in view of the Indigenous Delegation which will be travelling to Rome to meet with Pope Francis from December 17 to 20, 2021. Each reflection is based one of the five essential stages of reconciliation: examen, confession, repentance, reparation (making amends), and reconciliation. Likewise, it is hoped these reflections will assist the faithful, Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike, in preparing for Pope Francis’ eventual apostolic journey to Canada.

Pope willing to travel to Canada on pilgrimage of healing and reconciliation
October 27, 2021 (excerpted from Vatican News)

A statement issued by the Holy See Press Office says the Pope has indicated he is willing to visit Canada on a date to be settled in due course.

The Holy See Press Office released a statement on Wednesday regarding an invitation issued by Canada’s Bishops to Pope Francis to visit their country:

“The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has invited the Holy Father to make an apostolic journey to Canada, also in the context of the long-standing pastoral process of reconciliation with indigenous peoples. His Holiness has indicated his willingness to visit the country on a date to be settled in due course,”

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BISHOP FABBRO’S APOLOGY TO THE Indigenous Peoples of this Land
September 27, 2021

Read Bishop Fabbro’s Full Statement [link to DOL website]

In solidarity with the Bishops of Canada, I too want to acknowledge the grave harm afflicted on you, the Indigenous Peoples of this land, to express to you my profound sorrow and to offer my own unequivocal apology to you. With the Bishops of Canada, I am committed to the process of healing and reconciliation across the country and here in the Diocese of London.

September 24, 2021

We, the Catholic Bishops of Canada, gathered in Plenary this week, take this opportunity to affirm to you, the Indigenous Peoples of this land, that we acknowledge the suffering experienced in Canada’s Indian Residential Schools. Many Catholic religious communities and dioceses participated in this system, which led to the suppression of Indigenous languages, culture and spirituality, failing to respect the rich history, traditions and wisdom of Indigenous Peoples. We acknowledge the grave abuses that were committed by some members of our Catholic community; physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, cultural, and sexual. We also sorrowfully acknowledge the historical and ongoing trauma and the legacy of suffering and challenges faced by Indigenous Peoples that continue to this day.  Along with   those Catholic entities which were directly involved in the operation of the schools and which have already offered their own heartfelt apologies[1], we[2], the Catholic Bishops of Canada, express our profound remorse and apologize unequivocally.

Read more… [link to CCCB website]


Updated: January 4, 2022

Covid-19 Update #22

In light of the information released by the Province of Ontario on Monday, it is necessary to update our protocols. The changes are things we have seen before, but which need our attention in order to continue following proper procedures. In addition to those changes required by the government, we have added further requirements out of an abundance of caution. These changes are effective at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, 5 January 2022, and apply for the next 21 days or until other notification is given.

1. The celebration of Mass, other liturgies or devotions

The directives released yesterday limit gatherings in worship spaces to 50% capacity. With the mandatory requirements of two-metre (six-feet) physical distancing that are still in place, this means no real change in the numbers we can allow at any one time. The use of masks, along with contact tracing and our other protocols for our worship spaces, are all still mandatory.

For the 21-day period, congregational singing is suspended. Concerns about aerosol transmission and the prevalent use of non-medical-grade masks in the general population make this a prudent move. Cantors may continue to lead singing without a mask from the choir loft, a stand or the ambo in the sanctuary, by which three-metre (ten-feet) distancing is observed.

The Windsor-Essex Health Unit requires active screening when people are entering worship spaces; i.e., asking the specific questions about symptoms. All other areas may simply continue to refer people to the posted signs for their self-monitoring.

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Covid-19 Update #21
  1. Singing During Liturgies Now Allowed
    In light of the higher number of people who are vaccinated across the province, the WorshipSafe Working Committee reviewed safety protocols regarding singing. Singing is now allowed during our liturgies. All who attend any celebration in our churches are still required to wear masks that cover nose, mouth and chin, and good ventilation is expected to be in place.
  2. Dispensation from the Sunday Obligation Extended
    The dispensation from the Sunday obligation is now extended to the last Sunday of Winter Ordinary Time, that is up to and including February 27, 2022. The month of March may see further lessening of restrictions, at which time this decision will be reviewed.
  3. General Absolution Not to be Given
    The practice of celebrating General Absolution was given in the early months of the pandemic but rescinded earlier this year at the end of the Easter Season. The permission is no longer in place and is not given for the coming season of Advent.

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Covid-19 Vaccination Policy

October 18, 2021

In my recent letter, dated 29 September 2021, I stated that our Diocese encourages all people who can be vaccinated to be vaccinated. We want to contribute to the efforts in the wider community to get as many as possible vaccinated to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and return to our normal way of life, including religious services. The attached Policy for the Diocese of London is work related and ministry related; it does not require those who attend religious services in our churches to be vaccinated.
As a Diocese, we are committed to providing safe places for our parishioners to come to worship, celebrate the sacramental life of the Church, and to be strengthened in their work as disciples making disciples for Jesus. We are committed, at the same time, to providing safe workplaces and meeting spaces in our parishes and offices across the Diocese. Vaccinations will make it possible to do ministry in hospitals, long-term care homes, homes for seniors and any place where home-bound parishioners live, along with schools and community centres, since getting a vaccination helps protect our most vulnerable.

Bishop Fabbro

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Covid-19 Update #20

The recent addendum was written “in light of the increasing rate of vaccinations, relaxed provincial anti-COVID restrictions and greater scientific knowledge concerning COVID-19” with a view to “safely reduce the necessity for full pandemic safety measures”. It cannot be stated enough, though, that the protocols issued earlier, unless otherwise changed herein, remain in
effect. To keep people safe, we must be responsible to follow all the protocols that we have been given. This is no time for self-interpretation or premature relaxation.

Bishop Fabbro, Covid-19 Update, #20

Here is a brief summary of the update from the Diocese of London:

  • The Importance of Getting Vaccinated
  • Aerosol Transmission
  • Changes that Affect our Church Spaces
  • Changes that Affect our Celebrations
  • The Celebration of the Sacrament of Penance
    • With easier access to churches, the permission for General Absolution is hereby withdrawn immediately
  • The Sunday Obligation
    • the dispensation from the Sunday obligation will continue until the end of the liturgical year, that is 27 November 2021. As before, we will continue to monitor the situation.

“We have much to be grateful for in our country, with the benefits of our health care services and the availability of the COVID vaccine. Many countries do not enjoy these benefits. We are grateful for all who continue to put themselves at the service of others to care for the sick and to mitigate the effects of the pandemic in all its manifestations. As we see the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel”, let us remain steadfast in our care for others – especially the most vulnerable – and for our families and ourselves.”

Bishop Fabbro, Covid-19 Update, #20

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